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I'm a full stack web developer based in Austin, Texas and a recent graduate of The Coding Bootcamp of UT Austin. Having studied physics at the University of Texas at Austin, many know me as a very analytical person. But my family and friends also know that I have a very creative side. It is no surprise that web development and design has become a passion of mine. I enjoy the challenge of learning new languages and technologies. And it is important to me to build websites that are robust and efficient, yet attractive.

When I'm not working on a project, I enjoy watching basketball and hockey, riding my bike, and eating good barbecue.

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A restaurant search and save application

A full-stack application, developed in collaboration with 2 classmates, that is designed to find nearby restaurants of a chosen cuisine type. Restaurant hours, menus, ratings, and more are provided via the Zomato API. Users can save their favorite restaurants to a Firebase database if they sign in using their Google account.

HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ jQuery ⋅ Firebase ⋅ Google OAuth 2.0 ⋅ Zomato API ⋅ Google Maps API

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Dota 2 Hangman

A web based guessing game

A JavaScript based game of hangman where the user attempts to guess the heroes from the popular video game, DOTA 2. Users get a total of 12 guesses before their adventure comes to an end.

HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ jQuery ⋅ Bootstrap

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Back-end app to manage inventory

A back-end application that allows a user to interact with a MySQL database containing information about a range of products.

JavaScript ⋅ Node.js ⋅ MySQL ⋅ Inquirer

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Train Scheduler

A web based app to view the arrival times of trains

A web based application that simulates a train arrival board. Users are able to add a train to be stored in a Firebase database. The upcoming arrival times of the trains are based off of the user's current time using Moment.js.

HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ Bootstrap ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ jQuery ⋅ Moment.js ⋅ Firebase

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NYT React Search

Single page application to search the New York Times

A single page application that utilizes the New York Times' API to search for articles. Modules are updated using React, and articles can be saved for later reading using MongoDB.

HTML ⋅ CSS ⋅ Bootstrap ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ React.js ⋅ MongoDB ⋅ Mongoose ORM

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